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    100 Free Creative brief Template and Examples [Word | Pdf ]

    A creative brief is a short document used for summing up things such as project design, advertising, marketing, demographics, goals, messaging, and other important details. It is mostly created by the creative project manager, designer, and consultant. The basic purpose of a creative brief is to provide a road map of the projects and for this purpose creative briefs have templates as well.

    A creative brief template is the template of any creative brief document. There are multiple types of templates of creative briefs and these templates could be in word form, PowerPoint, graphic design, etc. Editable, Printable and Downloadable Creative brief templates and examples Free Download are available on many platforms free of cost and you can also get customized as well. 

    Let’s spare a few moments to read this article and get useful insights about creative briefs. So without further ado let’s dive into it. 

    What is the use of a creative brief Templates?

    When it comes to creating or developing all kinds of materials like websites, promotional videos, advertisements, etc, the creative brief is the first step in the process. Before beginning the work on any project stakeholders ask for a creative brief. And the vital purpose of a creative brief is to achieve stakeholder alignment on the project before it starts. 

    As creative projects are complex and there are many chances that the project team may make many mistakes or maybe they fail to make the project aligned, to avoid such things creative briefs are made.

    There are multiple examples of the creative brief and they have templates for making things easy for the project team. Creative brief templates and examples are available on many sites for free download and these free templates will save a lot of your team’s time. 

    What is an outline of a creative brief Form?

    A creative brief is a short document based on large and complex information, and if you say it is an extract of bulky information then it would not be wrong. But you can’t ignore the fact that a creative brief is not easy to write so for this you need an outline of the creative brief. Here is the outline of the creative brief:

    • Project name
    • Company background
    • Project objective
    • Target audience
    • Competitors
    • Key message
    • Key consumer benefit
    • Attitude
    • Call to action
    • Distribution

    Follow the above-mentioned outline to formulate your creative brief and get things done professionally. Generally, all creative brief templates and examples are made according to the above outline.

    How to write a creative brief Template? 

    Your creative brief must be covering all important data and it should be well written because your project team is going to follow the creative brief for the project. Take your time out to write an effective creative brief or just get help from free templates then start writing it. You might be thinking that what to write into the creative brief here are things that should be covered in the creative brief document: 

    • first, decide the name of the project
    • Write about the brand and explain the project’s background
    • Highlight the objectives of the project
    • Highlight the target audience
    • Give a proper interpretation of the competitive landscape
    • Clear the key message
    • Select the key consumer benefit
    • Select an attitude
    • Call to action
    • Make the distribution plan
    • Share the creative brief with stakeholders

    1 Decide the name of the project 

    The first thing first in making a creative brief is to decide on a name for your project. Never take this step lightly in creating a brief because it is one of the most critical components of the creative brief. Make a clear, catchy, and easy name for your project whether it is for a product or service. When people will know the exact name of the campaign then they will stick to the idea of the whole campaign.

    2 Write about the brand and background of the project 

    When you are writing about brands then don’t mention details that are already mentioned on the brands’ about page on the website. Here write a few sentences just to sum up the brand’s mission and follow this with the background of the project.

    3 Highlight the objective of the project

    In the project objective, you should explain the purpose of the project, the targeted audience, and the timeline. The project objective can be described in 2-4 sentences and be creative here to briefly explain the objective.

    4 Highlight the target audience

    You must highlight the target audience in your creative brief because your team should know about this and it will help them to understand and execute the project. You can also identify a primary audience and a secondary audience to the project team.

    5 Give a proper interpretation of the competitive landscape

    Being insightful about the competitors is very useful for the project. Use the competitive data to come up with ideas that your competitors haven’t used yet. Observe closely the mistakes of your competitors so that you can avoid those mistakes.

    6 Clear the key message 

    The key message of your creative brief must be clear and highlighted. The key message should address the pain point of the audience’s experience and it should tell that your product or services are enough to help them.

    7 Select the key consumer benefit

    The key consumer benefit (KCB) of the product or services that you are providing won’t always be the fanciest feature but it must solve the biggest problem of the target audience and that is the best KCB. 

    8 Select an attitude 

    The overall attitude of a campaign is created by the voice and tone of your team. In this section of your brief, you should note the appropriate voice for the target audience.

    9 Call to action 

    CTA must be in your creative brief and if you add several CTAs then it will be great as you are targeting the primary and secondary audience. Note: CTA must align with the project objective. 

    10 Make the distribution plan

    When you are done with the project then make a great to distribute the product so that audience can see the product. For this announce the launch of your product on different platforms. 

    11 Share the creative brief with stakeholders 

    After finishing the creative brief, share it with other teammates. Circulate it around the company through email or presentations. Make sure it should reach every stakeholder who is involved in the project.


    Templates are like forms means these are pre-formatted, containing design elements and important layouts for the documents. With layouts and design elements, templates facilitate filling the documents or forms without making mistakes. Templates and examples can be in multiple formats like in hard-copy to soft copy: in the form of MS word, PDF, JEPG, etc.

    Templates are predefined units, so these are designed in a way that allows users to easily and quickly use these with graphics, text, and other content of multimedia. Templates are available in hundreds of forms and these are also available for free download on many online platforms. 

    For every other specific job, a different form of template is available, such as there are separate templates for documents, brochures, newspapers pages, websites, ordinary simple forms, etc. Why not spare some time to read this insightful article to get more valuable information about templates? So let’s dive into it.

    Where are templates and examples used?

    There are multiple fields of application, like spreadsheets, text documents, PDF forms, MS forms, where templates are used with regularity. Templates and examples are very useful and time-saving for those who use a single document regularly because these save you from making documents every time from scratch. 

    A template can be customized according to your need for information, and you can keep track of everything for which you are using a template. You can either buy templates or you can get these from free open sources available on the internet. 

    Types of Templates and Examples 

    A template could be from an MS Office document to print assets and a digital ad or banner. Which type of template will be useful for you, let’s find out from the type of templates below: 

    The MS office document template

    MS Office document template is considered one of the easiest templates to make because it can be made by a non-designer person as well. MS office template can be a PowerPoint deck, editorial calendar template, letterhead and it also could be any simple form that is designed to help in filling the information in a document. 

    What is the format of the MS office template? Template of ms office could be in .pages format, .txt, etc and it is not necessary that ms office templates have to be in .ppt file or .doc formats. The best part of these templates is that they are easy to make even anyone from marketers to the sales team can make them for you, and you can get free downloadable forms templates from the internet.

    • Easy to make
    • It could be from PowerPoint deck, editorial calendar template, letterhead, etc
    • They could be in .pages format, .txt format, etc 

    The print template 

    The print templates are editable documents particularly used by marketers. These are useful for marketers because they are easy to create and print for marketing materials.

    You can ask any designer to make a print template for your marketing purpose. You can ask the designer to make sure that the template meets print specifications and can easily be used for marketing purposes.

    • Editable documents for marketers
    • Must contain the print specifications 

    The digital template

    The digital templates are design files made through PhotoShop or Sketch that have been made in a way that allows the marketers to change out the copy, logos, background, etc without excluding the brand.

    Digital templates are primarily used for marketing purposes and digital templates are of different types according to the platform that is going to be used for the marketing. Here are a few digital templates according to the platform. 

    • Email templates
    • Google ad templates
    • LinkedIn templates
    • Facebook templates
    • Web templates
    • Pinterest templates 

    What are the free downloadable templates?

    Free downloadable templates are templates that can be downloaded and used free of any cost. Such templates could be registration form templates, free form templates word, free downloadable forms, form templates free download, etc.

    Where you will get the free downloadable templates? There are hundreds of platforms that provide free templates without any charges like “Templatelab”. If you think that free downloadable templates are not a perfect fit according to your requirements, you can make designers customize templates for you.

    Advantages of using free templates forms

    • Money-saving: free templates save your money because if free templates aren’t available, then you probably spend your money on templates shopping.
    • Time-saving: finished and free templates in which you can directly add your text, content, and media just after free download save your time and money. The best part is that you can also make copies of free templates. 
    • Variety of free templates: free downloadable templates are available in different varieties such as MS word forms, PDF forms, registration forms, templates for business purposes, etc. 
    • Help in formatting documents: free templates are predesigned documents, and you can use these to create documents easily without thinking of formatting.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

    1. What are templates in Word? 

    A template is a type of document which can create multiple copies of itself when you open it. Take the example of a business plan which is written in Word form. But instead of making the structure of it from scratch, you can use a template with predefined styles, fonts, margins, and page layout.

    2. How do I find templates in MS word?

    This is what to do when you have to find and apply a template in Word:

    • Click new on the File tab.
    • To use available built-in templates, click sample templates, click the template of your wish, and then click create.

    3. What is the difference between forms and templates?

    The higher version of the digital document and every copy filled out is a Form. A template is not based on a form, but a form is based on a template that’s why the template is the master version of a document.

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